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Top Shopify vendors (2019-2020)

Shopify Stores use different methods to supply their products. Some of them use their own products but most of them source their products from famous vendors. You can use the dashboard below to find top Shopify vendors.




The bar chart shows top vendors in the “selected category”. You can filter your desired category of products or select “All” to see top vendors in all categories.

Also, you can sort vendors based on “Number of products” or “Value of products”. “Value of products” for each vendor is “number of products” multiplied by “average price” of the vendor’s products.

If you hover on each vendor’s bar, you can see its share among top vendors and “average price” of it’s products. Note that, these are the main suppliers of the products. Drop-shipping services, print-on-demand services and big retailers (like Amazon or Aliexpress) are not included in this dashboard.

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