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Published on: Stores

Shopify Stores Presence in Social Media

This interactive dashboard shows the percentage of Shopify stores which have pages and channels in Social Media. We gathered the data from over 90000 Shopify stores[1] all over the world.

You can see that stores presence in Facebook and Instagram is considerably more than another social networks.

 Use filters to see difference in social media presence in various conditions. You can change the Stores Alexa range, choose a specific region/s and countries, or choose stores with specific categories of products.

For instance, in the global results stores have more presence in Facebook than in Instagram. By filtering the Europe region, you can see that the presence in Instagram is more than in Facebook.


Do not forget to erase your previous filters when you want to apply new filters.


[1] We used the data from stores which had the Alexa rank below 5.5 million

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